Project description: "Rundt om et kirsebær – Christianshavn set fra Heerings Gaard 1838-1857" is a historical exhibition centered around the Heering family who lived in Christianshavn in the mid-1800s. Merchant Peter F. Heering grew his business on the later world-famous cherry liqueur "Cherry Heering." The exhibition, rooted in the history of a bourgeois family, narrates life in Christianshavn during a period when Copenhagen, Denmark, and the world underwent significant transformations.
The exhibition visually takes inspiration from the cherry itself, subtly woven in throughout the design.
Client: Bank- og Sparekassemuseet 
Project elements: Art direction, exhibition design, printed matter, illustration
Project period: 01.10.23 - 25.01.24​​​​​​​
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