I'm Petrine. I do Illustration, graphic design and photography, from Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I like working across disciplines, mixing different media and challenging myself by experimenting with variating techniques. In the same way, I believe that working across different fields with a broad mixture of people, always benefits the proces and the result. 
Outside design, I am very curious about cultures and the society. I want to make design that makes ethical sense in relation the environment and the current world we live in. Last, my goal is to keep my design proces playfull, fun and a place of experiment. 

21-23 Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, school of Design - Graphic design, Master.
21 Psykiatrifonden, graphic design 
17-20 Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, school of Design - Visual Communication, Bachelor (Mag. art.)
20 Bleed Design Studio Vienna intern
18-19 Numba Danmark, graphic design
18 Meds workshop Lebanon
19 Meds workshop Greece​​​​​​​
16-17 Vera, School of Arts and Design - Fine Arts
Petrine Prien, Aggersborggade, 2100 København Ø
CVR: 41665440 Tlf:. 61 18 50 52
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