Standing still is a short collection of photographs taken in the area close to where I was staying in Byblos. The zine is called “Standing Still” as the objects photographed have simply stopped moving. The title is also a way of describing the daily break - the heat demands, in which time these photographs where taken. The title furthermore refers to the countries’ situation, as Libanon is only very slowly progressing at the moment – as with so many other countries.

​​​​​​​This second zine is a collections of drawings made directly at the MEDS worksite in Byblos. The worksite is an abandoned concrete building where workers work in 35 degree heat. I have tried to depict this heat by afterwards adding yellow and pink colours. 

The zine called home is actually not directly connected with Libanon. It is however connected with the feeling of “home” when being abroad.
I have asked multiple people from many different countries, that I met during my travels; to describe a place they connect with the word home. The drawings in the last zine are thereby a visualisation of images created in my head, when hearing about the colours, smells and feelings connected with each described place.​​​​​​​
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