Nature and wildlife surrounds us, the world we live in and the ideas and thoughts we have about beauty and meaning. However, as this is being written, more and more species are moving closer to extinction, wild nature is diminishing rapidly and the main orchestrators to blame are us, humans. Most of us seem aware that immediate action is necessary to keep this planet alive, yet we still await the action to be taken elsewhere. There is a disconnection between the knowledge we have and the actions we take, and I wonder if this disconnection might lie in the distance we keep between the natural world and the humanized world?
Much of all visual material and communication dealing with climate change and the environment comes from scientific sources. The crisis is often seen as a pedagogical or technological challenge, lifted above the world of design and aesthetics. I wanted to create something that visually went through the same treatment as any other communication design would and where graphs and collums were swapped for more tangible and complex symbols. 
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